Sunday, October 18, 2009


Winter is almost here again for another year, so I thought i'd get us all in the mood with a Snowman or two! This first one is hand drawn by myself, but totally inspired by a Crows Roost Prims pattern - "Snow Angel". The snowman is basically the same shape, 19" high and 16"wide including the wings...painted, aged and stained, then I've added a row of old black snaps down the front for buttons. The wings are made from a cutter quilt, stained and sewn on the back. His mouth is made of cloves...rusty nail for the nose, stitched eyes, stick arms, homespun scarf, rusty bells on his feet....and he's done!

Next are 2 Snowman Make-Do's which were also inspired by a Crows Roost Prims pattern...... "Sno Make-Do". I have made 2, one with a red ticking scarf, one with a blue ticking scarf. They both have rusty nail noses, button eyes and stitched mouths. Rusty bells down the front, stick arms, top hats.....mounted on wood candlestick bases. They measure 22"high and 3"wide.

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