Monday, May 10, 2010

New Offerings....

After a loooooong time off over the winter, I'm back with some brand new offerings! I have 3 Americana themed dolls ...the first is my own creation, hand drawn by myself!

Lucinda is approx. 24" high and is wearing a stained homespun dress. I've made a stars and stripes flag, stitched it to the front of her dress and added a few sprigs of Sweet Annie. She has long 100% wool hair, hand stitched facial features and vintage button eyes. She looks great hanging on a prim cupboard or sitting in a little chair. What fun for Fourth of July decorating! SOLD!!

Meet Nicola! She is a tall skinny doll, approx. 24" high. Wearing a homespun striped dress which is heavily stained. The fabric is unique...with a fringe along the bottom of her dress. I've added a stars and stripes flag and some Sweet Annie. Nicola is wearing bloomers underneath her dress. Her long hair is 100% wool...her facial features have been hand stitched. There is a huge vintage button sewn to her dress. She is a one of a kind! Great for 4th of July decorating or just perfect for that little bit of Americana touch to your prim doll collection.

UNCLE SAM SOLD!!Last for today is my Uncle Sam Make-Do. Based on a pattern by Veena's Mercantile, he stands 25" tall on an olde blackened and stained candlestick base. He is sewn from muslin, painted, stained and distressed. Sam's shirt is painted on with tiny rusty bells down the front. His jacket is from homespun with a vintage button sewn on...and his top hat is painted. Uncle Sam's beard is of 100% Alpaca wool, and the facial features have been hand stitched. Sams arms are made of sticks and he's holding a hand made stars and stripes flag which is on a wire so you can pose it how you wish! A really great Americana item for your prim home!
All of these dolls are available on Ebay this week. Click the link on the side to go view these auctions....there are many more photos there!

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