Sunday, October 31, 2010

Karl...Santa's Helper!

Meet Karl....he's Santa's newest helper! I had fun making Karl, he is totally hand-drawn by myself....and measures approx. 32 inches high. He is wearing a dirty red-check shirt with vintage bakelite buttons sewn down the front. Karls pants and hat are sewn from matching red patterned fabric. His hat has a huge rusty bell on the tip. He has 3-dimensional lips and nose. He has bendable elbows and knees so you can pose him in many different ways, he will sit in a small prim chair, on a bench, in a cupboard... or if you wish I've included a hanger on the back so you can put him where you like. Karl has his name-tag pinned to his shirt so that Santa knows who he is! I've included a big ole gingerbread man with Karl, hopefully he won't get the munchies before he's done helping Santa load his sleigh! You won't see him done by anyone else but NikNak-PaddyWhack!...I do not use glue on any of my won't be dissapointed! Karl....Santas Newest Helper is $60.00.


  1. He's darling too! Just adore Karl. God bless. Cathy

  2. Thanks so much Cathy! He was a joy to make!


  3. Great job Valeda they are all just fantastic - you must have a blast designing and putting these gems together.